Aroostook County Tourism Group is eyeing to capitalize the impending snow season

At Aroostook County, Maine, USA, the bright and colorful leaves have already started falling from the trees and the time of white snow covered fields is waiting. In northern Maine, this has made the tourism officials considering about snowmobile season and keen to allow the folks to know why snowmobiling in this gorgeous County should not be missed in anyway.
All through the month of October, the Aroostook County Tourism or ACT is devoting their time the entire month of October traveling to different snowmobile events in New Hampshire and southern Maine in order to spread the word.
In New Hampshire, the ACT staffed the Snowmobile Grass Drags and will showcase them at the Maine Snowmobile Show in Augusta.
“The time to attract the snowmobilers is before the snow falls and early in the season when northern Maine often has snow and other parts of Maine lag,” said NMDC’s Alain Ouellette, planning and development division director.
Snowmobiling in Maine, as per the calculation of the Tourism industry officials, is a $300 million to $350 million affair responsible for generating 23,000 jobs statewide.
Aroostook County brags of having over 2,200 miles of trails and the entire national snowmobiling magazines repeatedly rank the trail system in northern Maine as a “Top Ten” destination in North America.
According to the research carried by the Maine Office of Tourism, tourists provided $157 million to Aroostook County last year. This was an increase of over 13 percent over the year 2015. The tourism industry in Aroostook County sustains over 2,784 jobs with total earnings of around $53 million, along with nearly $15 million in total taxes.
“We offer probably one of the best products out there for snowmobilers,” said Marquis. “And with gas prices still low, people are willing to drive to the region and experience the exceptional trails of Aroostook County.”

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