Could cannabis be the new drive for Switzerland tourism?

Move over picturesque chalets and mountain hikes, but tourists to Switzerland can now have another unlikely reason to visit the country – cannabis!
One of the  Swiss supermarket has become the first major chain in the world to start selling cannabis cigarettes. So, not just the artisan chocolate and Gruyère cheese, shoppers can now  grab a pack of the cigarettes along with them too.
Cannabis with less than 1 per cent THC is legal in the country – that is higher than the 0.2 per cent legal limit in most other European countries. The cigarettes also contain a high level of the other component found in hemp and marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD). These cigarettes rich in CBD are thought to be effective for treating pain and panic attacks.
When Coop introduced the cannabis cigarettes earlier this month, they were all sold out; which is why they are extending their sales to its 700 stores across Switzerland.
A representative of The Coop said that they are surprised by the huge demand. There are several other hemp products available such as hemp ice tea and beer which have the characteristic smell and taste. The “Heimat” cigarettes are made by Swiss company Koch & Gsell, which claims they’re the first cigarette containing cannabis to be sold in a normal supermarket.
Sarah Roloff from Switzerland Tourism, however said that they don’t expect the cigarettes to have a serious effect on tourism to the country. The primary motive to visit the country is and always will be to enjoy the beauty of nature and its landscape.
Smoking marijuana is also legal in countries such as The Netherlands, Spain, The US, North Korea, Peru, Uruguay and Jamaica.

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