Malaysia’s medical tourism sector to usher in RM 2.7b by 2020

By the year 2020, the medical tourism sector in Malaysia is expected to earn revenues amounting to RM2.7 billion.
Datuk Seri Dr. S Subramaniam, the Health Minister said that medical tourism had been capable of generating RM1.12 billion last year through 996,000 medical tourists. But then, in 2015, as much as RM914 million had been gained from more than 859,000 medical tourists.
He said that among the medical services that end up attracting the highest demand in Malaysia include cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, neurology, oncology, orthopaedic and cardiology. He had been responding to Er Teck Hwa who had asked the government to provide detailed statistics of medical tourism in 2015 and also 2016.
He specified that the focus markets are Vietnam, Myanmar, China and Indonesia and there has been continued efforts in the existing markets.
Subramaniam said that the marketing strategy of Malaysian medical tourism has also made a transition to some high-end customers thanks to certain offerings of the niche medical tourism to increase the average income that has been obtained from each medical tourist.
The Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) was formed in the year 2009.
It has identified four key focus markets to promote the medical tourism industry of Malaysia. Subramamiam also said that the promotional efforts have proven to be very effectual since a large number of tourists have been making a beeline for Malaysia.
The official statistics portray that the medical tourists to Malaysia are generally from the United Kingdom, Japan, China, India and Indonesia.
Subramaniam has also asserted that among the long-term initiatives that have been underlined for this sector, there has been a constant branding of medical tourism through campaigns like ‘Share My Love’ and ‘Malaysia Loves You’.
The ministry would also expand marketing activities beyond the traditional markets and this would strengthen the position of Malaysia as a sub-specialty and specialty healthcare provider.
He said that the government is confident that the existing strategy would have strong support from all quarters. And, Malaysia would be capable of realizing the country’s goals to be a much popular health tourism locale.

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