Russia 2018 World Cup: Nigeria’s Nike Kit rated best in the world

Come June 2018, the world stands still for the biggest sporting event on the globe; Russia 2018 World Cup.
Away from Politics, Governance, Economy and Terrorism; Nigerians finally have something to cheer about.
The recent analysis by the UK Mirror  on football jerseys to be worn by countries represented at the mundial says that Nigeria’s Super Eagles, has the best costume to showcase for the 30-day event.
This, in a way, is a step further to showcase Nigeria to the world.
“Nineteen of the 32 nations have shown off their new kits so far, so we decided to do what comes naturally to us, and get ranking,” UK Mirror said.
Here’s how the kits are ranked.

  1. Russia

(Image: Adidas)

  1. France

  1. Portugal


  1. Switzerland


  1. Sweden


  1. Mexico


  1. Uruguay



  1. Argentina

(Image: Adidas)

  1. Egypt



  1. Croatia


  1. Brazil


  1. England

(Image: NIKE)

  1. Germany

(Image: Martin Rose)

  1. Peru


  1. Spain(Image: Adidas)


  1. Japan


  1. Belgium

(Image: Adidas)

  1. Colombia

(Image: Adidas)

  1. Nigeria

Image: Nike
“And while you’re there, pick up this glorious effort from Nigeria that comes out as a deserving No. 1. It’s incredible, frankly, and is bound to turn us all into Super Eagles in the summer.”

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