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The Legendary Òpà Òrànmíyàn

Òpà Òrànmíyàn
This mystical staff standing about 18feets tall is said to have been wielded by a powerful warrior who is grandson of Odùduwà, named Òrànmíyàn.

The staff is situated in a shrine at the heart of the ancient town of Ilé-Ifè, the home of Odùduwà the progenitor of the Yoruba race.

It was said that the staff was originally the sword he used in the many battles he fought and won and he was pivotal in establishing ancient cities like the Benin and Oyo empire.
At his demise, he sank the sword into the ground and it transformed into thi immovable staff.

Till date, many kings are said to still get their staff of office from the shrine of Òrànmíyàn at their coronation and that there are mystical powers the staff holds.

The Òrànmíyàn shrine also has a groove where sacrifices are made, but that part is inaccessible to tourists.

The shrine tells story of times we can now only imagine, times warriors held sway.

If you ever find yourself in Ilé-ifè, Òrànmíyàn shrine is a must visit for every tourist.

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