Tourism expert Ikechi Uko lauds Folly Coker, Ambode for greater Lagos tourism fiesta

Tourism Expert Mr. Ikechi Uko has credited Folly Coker the Director General , Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), and former Governor of Lagos State, Akinwumi Ambode, for starting the “Detty December” Entertainment Galore in Lagos.

This was lifted from his Facebook page as he analyses the Christmas season 2019 in Nigeria.

When Steve Ayorinde the Former Commissioner of Tourism Lagos State issued a release in January 2019 that Lagos earned 5Billion Naira from entertainment in December 2018 some people Doubted him but with the Success of 2019 Detty December with all the hugely successful Concerts all over Lagos in Dec nobody doubts that Creativity is on Speed dial in Lagos. 5Billion will soon be Chicken Change.

About 7 years ago December was dull in Lagos and hotels empty once the Oriental Brothers head East. Corporate events ended in November and everyone starts closing For Christmas. All that Changed in 2015. Then the controversial “Igbos in the Lagoon” statement and elections thereafter.
Ambode became Governor having run on Tourism and Entertainment as one of his major planks
(T.H.E.S.E.) He appointed Folarunsho Coker as the Commissioner of Tourism and he launched the “One Lagos Fiesta” as a way of Unifying Lagosians via entertainment hence the title. Lagos is One Family.
It looked a little Flappy at the Onset but brought people out to the 5 Different Locations with the big Countdown at Eko Atlantic Waterfront.

Lagos based musicians joined the fray with different events and shows all over Lagos and the timetable Changed.

Traffic Logjam came along too so much that last December it is claimed that the Lekki -Ozumba Mbadiwe traffic lasted till 4 am on some days.

Detty December has come to Stay. When the Diaspora come home they don’t leave Lagos immediately they head for a show.

My Family members arrived from America and Headed straight to Eko Hotels within 24 hours. They did 2 more shows before New Year.

Trends have Changed and Credit also needs to go to Olamide the Musician(My Favourite musician) Davido and Musicians who have shows every December for establishing Lagos as the entertainment Capital of Africa.

Eko Hotels is the only Venue I allow my Family to attend shows at (Loyalty and security).
So while some may want to criticize Folly Coker for his time at NTDC we should also credit him for initiating something that has blossomed something big.

Incidentally Folly Coker was removed as Commissioner of Tourism just after the First Year. The Vision of One Lagos Fiesta was Sustained by the 2 commissioners that took over from him along with 2 wonderful Permanent Secretaries.

This last December the new government and commissioner rebranded the event. It is now “Greater Lagos” Fiesta. I was impressed with the countdown proper. Amazing stage and great acts.

Congratulations Lagos for creating a successful tourism product. Outside Carnival Calabar created 16years ago Lagos has established something Tourism Professionals can market worldwide.

Considering the fact that I was not an Insider in the Making of One Lagos Fiesta so do not lay claim to any Authority on the Event I have been an interested Observer with enough information on my side as a Travel Writer to have made some Observations (I needed to insert this Caveat before Historians arrive my Timeline) If any Fact is omitted or Misrepresented I am open to corrections.

My Job is to chronicle things and I have done just that.

I am at the Airport catching a flight to somewhere to rest so don’t look for me and don’t call me. Bye Boy

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