#TourNigeria: 'The Railway Museum'

By Dr. Raphael James
In continuation of my tour of tourist sites in Nigeria. Here I am, standing in front of what is now the remains of the train that once carried Queen Elizabeth II during her 1956 visit to Nigeria when it was still a British colony.
This old steam locomotive and railway cars are lying fallow in the compound of the Nigerian Railway Ebute Metta, in the space created to host “The Railway Museum” established by the Nigerian Railway Corporation and LEGACY in 1998.
LEGACY – a Non- profit organization preserving Nigerian historic buildings and materials, I understand LEGACY is presently doing all within its power to preserve the train car, other colonial-era buildings and other memorabilia.
I feel highly disappointed when I saw this train and imagined the huge cash Nigeria and or the Railway Corporation could make from it, if it is on rail and moving tourist around even for a short distance.
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