CRIMMD Photo Museum: A gallery of 35,000 Photos of Nigeria's history

This is an array of photos researched by the Director General, Center for Research, Information Management and Media Development, Dr. Raphael James, a historic and educative tourist Ambassador who has visited about 200 tourist sites in 23 states of the country. He is the founder of the largest Photo Museum of Nigerian History with over 35,000 photos.
The museum is a branch of the CRIMMD Center, we commenced operation in 2010 and was officially commission on October 1st 2014 to mark Nigeria at 100 anniversary.
It is a Nigerian Museum of photo history, rich photographs and portraits of the slave trades and its relics, through to the famous Berlin Conference of 1884/85; the era of Explorers (Expedition) of Dr. Mungo Park, Richard Landers and others.
Tourismline present to you, pictures from the Museum which includes that of former Minister of Information Chief Sir Alex Akinyele congratulating Dr. James after inspecting the Museum.
Photo Museum1 Photo Museum2 Photo Museum3 Photo Museum427786378_1972090513008089_193588024_o 27835398_1972090356341438_1791848396_o 27835875_1972090453008095_1658024921_o former Minister of Information Chief Sir Alex Akinyele congratulates Dr. James after inspecting the Museum

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