Goa may introduce law against sea bath after sunset or in intoxicating condition

The Tourism Minister of Goa, Manohar Ajgaonkar has expressed his deep concern over the recent drowning cases along the coastal part of Goa and he has a desire to put a law on the banning of venturing the sea at night and in intoxicated conditions. The government of Goa is also eager to issue a law against those, who will go for a bath after sunset or in inebriated condition.
Manohar Ajgaonkar recalled that only two days back he had seriously said that a law was required to forbid the beach-goers from venturing into the sea after sunset.
Two students from the Ahmedabad-based Mudra Institute of Communication drowned after they ventured into the sea at the Candolim beach at 3 am.
Terming the drowning incident as “unfortunate”, Mr. Ajgaonkar also asked how students were allowed to go to the beach at night and venture into the sea.
The teachers are expected to be the guardians accompanying students on such tours. It is to be probed as to how they were out late on the beach and permitted to venture into the sea. The teachers should be questioned in this regard.
The tourism minister has taken up the matter of the recent drowning cases seriously and also discussed with Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar that we need to come out with a law to prohibit people from venturing into the sea at night and in an intoxicated condition.
Anuja Susan of Chennai and Gurram Chenchu Sai of Andhra Pradesh, who were a part of a group of 47 students, who were part of a group of students on a study tour of Goa along with faculty.
Meanwhile, a high level meeting with all concerned tour and security agencies is predictable to be convened next week, to work out instantaneous and long term measures to prevent such incidents from occurring.

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