Gorgeous Island Is the Least-visited Country in the World and We Don’t Understand Why

The waters are rising though, so act fast.

August 21, 2017
With beautiful beaches, low crime, and expansive natural beauty, the island of Tuvalu is an ideal getaway in the South Pacific.
But unlike some nearby islands, it still hasn’t been over-run by tourists. In fact, it was the least-visited country in the world in 2016, according to a report released Monday from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).
Just 2,000 people visited the group of islands that make up Tuvalu in 2016, up from 1,000 in 2014.
Tuvalu has also become a compelling place to study the effects of climate change. Sea levels have been rising sharply, and the U.N. listed it as one of the islands the most likely to disappear into the ocean in the 21st century.

Funafuti Tuvalu South Pacific

Many locals in Tuvalu have fled to New Zealand and other countries in the South Pacific, fearing that their homes will be destroyed by the rising waters.
Visitors to the island can get there via Air Fiji and a few other options to enjoy the remote beauty of this island paradise

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