Hong Kong Tourism Board and Wego Indonesia ties up to attract Indonesian travellers

Wego and Hong Kong Tourism Board have partnered in a timely promotional campaign targeting Indonesian travelers in response to a rapidly growing interest in the holiday destination.
“Hong Kong continues to grow in popularity as a destination with Indonesian travellers on Wego,” said Craig Hewett, Co-founder of Wego. “We’re extremely excited to join Hong Kong Tourism Board in a number of online and offline marketing activities to entice even more Indonesian travellers to the city, and to continue building the growing fascination with Hong Kong.”
Mr Simon Wong, Regional Director, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong Tourism Board, shared, “Indonesia is an important source market for Hong Kong and we are glad to partner Wego to attract more Indonesians to visit and re-visit Hong Kong and discover the best and most authentic experiences Hong Kong has to offer.”
The online co-marketing campaign comprises a series of direct promotional activities of Hong Kong on Wego to engage both young Indonesians and families.
“Wego is specifically tailoring campaign activities to Indonesian interests, including increasing the awareness of the muslim-friendly aspects of Hong Kong, its large variety of halal dining options, family friendly, hipster and heritage locations,” said Hewett.
In addition to direct promotion, following a visit by Wego Indonesia’s content team as guests of Hong Kong Tourism Board, producing a series of first-person editorial features to be published on Wego’s popular blogs – TravelOn (Bahasa Indonesia) and Travel Editor’s Desk (English).
“Wego Indonesia enjoys a respected position within the country’s travel social media community, which incorporates the country’s leading travel bloggers and influencers,” Hewett continued. “We engage with this community on a regular basis both online and offline through popular Wego Hangouts, and will host a dedicated event with invited travel bloggers and writers to share their own Hong Kong favourites, and learn more about the enormous variety of experiences in the destination.”
A co-branded social media contest has been activated to engage with Wego’s over two million followers requesting their recommendations for favourite hipster or family-friendly locations in Hong Kong. Recommendations tagged #DiscoverHongKong will have the opportunity to win one of 10 handmade, special edition bags created at Hong Kong’s New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, in support of holistic mental health, courtesy of Hong Kong Tourism Board.

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