Indonesia’s West Nusa Tenggara launches halal tourism to attract more travellers

Mataram city, West Nusa Tenggara province has launched the first halal tourism kampong to promote the place as the Islamic religious destination.
It is said to be the first of its kind in the province, Lingkungan Karang Jangkong or Kangkong Halal Tourism Town was initiated by Ida Wahyuni Sahabudin alongside the Lingkungan Kangkong tourism awareness community.
This programme has been aimed to become newest religious tourist destination in Martam, aside from Hubbul Wathan Islamic Center Mosque.
The kampung or the hamlet offered various halal tourism packages for domestic as well as the international tourists, which are mostly from Arabian countries, China and Turkey.
To promote the place as the tourism destination, there are different programmes, which are prepared as a traditional halal culinary center, halal tourism cottage, rumah pintar and religious tourism programme.
The visitors will not find any alcoholic beverages at the halal traditional culinary center. The foods will be also be produced in line with halal standards.
Meanwhile, the halal tourism cottage will also apply halal standards, where the guests will not be allowed to wear shorts. The cottage will also be equipped with qibla direction and prayer clothes.
Rumah pintar o the smart space will serve as an educational space filled with various activities, religious explanations, which encouraging the visitors to join an English language study program, cooking class and handicraft workshop.
The visitors will also learn about the preparation of halal food and beverages, including the traditional coffee that only available here.

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