List released for the world’s fastest-growing tourist destinations

As of 2016, five countries saw the largest growth in tourism as per the UNWTO’s 2016 Tourism Highlights released recently, featuring the world’s most visited destinations in 2015. France was the top country with 84.5 million visitors and the United States closely following with 77.5 million. However, among the world’s top upcoming destinations, five countries reported greatest rise in visitor numbers from the previous year: Tajikistan, Paraguay, Myanmar, Japan and Iceland.
Tajikistan saw the greatest rise in visitors, with 94% increase and their government is making plans to improve the country’s tourism sector to increase foreign tourist inflow. Paraguay had a rise of 87% since it’s relatively cheap for visit. Myanmar saw tourism grow 51.9% and experts predict that this increase will continue in the coming years. Japan saw a 47.1% visitor increase in 2015 and overall, the Asia-Pacific region is one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations. Iceland saw visitor numbers grow by 29.2% and its geothermal lagoons, pristine glaciers, dramatic landscapes and displays of the northern lights are being discovered by ever-growing numbers of tourists.

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