New facilities in tourism and hospitality revamp Zimbabwean tourism

Zimbabwe’s tourism and hospitality industry is growing each day. Although there are financial problems, there has been a great investment in tourism and hospitality sectors by small companies. Many native Zimbabweans have invested a lot in the tourism industry and have started reaping the fruits.
This has given birth to a new generation of hotels and lodges. The tourism and hospitality landscape has changed in Zimbabwe and this real value for money. The new hotels and lodges have come up with aggressive marketing and promotion policies and have redefined hospitality and comfort.
Recent Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce Awards and tourism awards have seen indigenous tourism companies bagging major awards. This shows how new facilities have taken hold of the tourism industry. New facilities in Zimbabwe have now taken the limelight away from long established ones.
Zimbabwe now has many small but attractive tourist spots that are yet to be explored. These new generations of hotels and lodges have become the mainstay of the Zimbabwean tourism and hospitality sectors. There is more comfort in these new facilities compared to the old ones. They are advertising in a big way too.

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