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The Ibeno Beach in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State

A blissful destination for tourists stretched over 245km on a sand bank in Ibeno lies the Ibeno Beach, a little haven for leisure seekers. The roaring waves, spots for sunbathing, unpolluted foliage of the mangrove forest, cool breeze from the water and a lush surrounding give this destination an unimaginable allure for tourists.

Ibeno beach with a mind-blowing stretch of over 45km sand bank which transverses many riverine communities, is a beautiful tourist site for lovers of fun and tourists to unwind.

Situated in Eket, Akwa-Ibom State; Ibeno beach with its alluring beauty and splashing waves welcome visitors throughout the year.

The smell of the beach sand is crisp and from a distance, visitors can hear the sea gulls and the splashing waves. Nature makes it so.

At anytime of the day, the verdure around the beach, entertains the tourists and lovers with exotic sites, just as the friendly host community ascertains tourists of their safety during their stay.

Due to its serenity and security, the beach is rated high amongst the top soothing and clean beaches in the country. The beauty of this beach is that the sands of the beach itself have been stable over the years without receding with the tide of the water.

The beach resort is a sight to behold with white sand dunes that is unaffected by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. It is both gentle and turbulent depending on the season of the year. At low tide, the waters can recede as far as 100 metres from the beach and can reach unimaginable elevation of 30 metres above sea level before it strikes the beach.

The beach, which can be accessed by air through Uyo, the Akwa-Ibom State capital and Calabar with Arik Air and Aero Contractors which operate daily flights to Uyo from Lagos and Abuja, offers a natural swimming pool, little heaven, memorable sunbathing, water sport and leisure activities.

But, a lover of water sport will always find the beach, which stretches to the James Town on the Atlantic, most inviting and engaging.

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