The true life story of Django

The real Django, Dangerfield Newby, was a mulatto freed by his Scotish master but his enslaved wife and 7 children were not. After he worked hard to get the money to buy their freedom, their new master raised the price. Can you imagine saving up $1500.00 in those days only to be doublecrossed? This man was on a mission and joined up with John Brown.  Reading the heartbreaking letter his wife Harriet wrote to him must have weighed heavy on Newby’s heart and drove him into action.  That action culminated in a deadly plot with abolitionist John Brown.   That was a costly mistake as the towns people were ruthless with his body after the failed raid on Harper’s Ferry. Oh just brutal.  A letter found on his dead body revealed his motive for joining Brown. . .


“Dear Husband: I want you to buy me as soon as possible, for if you do not get me somebody else will. The servants are very disagreeable; they do all they can to set my mistress against me. Dear Husband,. . . the last two years have been like a troubled dream to me. It is said Master is in want of money. If so, I know not what time he may sell me, and then all my bright hopes of the future are blasted, for there has been one bright hope to cheer me in all my troubles, that is to be with you, for if I thought I should never see you, this earth would have no charms fo me. Do all you can for me, which I have no doubt you will. I want to see you so much.”


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