The US drop off visa services in Russia

Of late, the American diplomatic mission to Russia explains that it is all set to decrease its visa services sharply as a result of the order of Moscow to cut down on the number of staffs with the latest addition of tit-for-tat penalties by the two countries. Russian business travellers, tourists and students will fall under this initiation with series of bilateral measures, driving relations to a new post-Cold War low, throwing expectations on both sides that President Donald Trump’s victory might change the condition.
In a recent statement, the embassy confirmed that it would hang up the issuance of all non-immigrant visas very soon in terms of business, work and tourism. From Sept 1st, these visas would be issued only in Moscow “for as long as our staffing levels are reduced”.
Beginning on Monday, it will call off quite a few appointments and asking applicants to postpone.
“Capacity for interviews in the future will be greatly reduced because we have had to greatly reduce our staffing levels to comply with the Russian government’s requirement,” the embassy said in a statement.
The Russian Foreign Minister, Mr Sergey Lavrov, said during a news conference in Moscow that the announcement was “another attempt to make the Russian citizen angry about the actions of the Russian government”.


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