Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Worldwide (MFM), the bible believing church under the leadership of Dr. D.K Olukoya, the General Overseer is in the merry-moment in paying thanks and appreciating the Almighty God for the new beginning after the lockdown and easing of the Covid-19 pandemic in the countries around the world, with lots of testimonies abound and miracles through the church programmes against all the distractions, false accusations that are unsubstantiated and hate speeches from a notorious churches and men of God persecutor, Maureen Badejo in the United Kingdom in recent times.

True facts have emerged from the sensationalized story on GIOTV by a questionable character, named Maureen Badejo, a London based Nigerian who can only be referred to as agent of darkness sent to pull down the men of God around the world.

The industry watchers also believe that Maureen Badejo has at the back of her mind the motive to ride on the popularity of these men of God, she is ceaselessly accusing to trend on social media and gather numerous followers without any integrity of the negative impact of her blackmailing activities on the general good of the journalism profession in the world at large.

Maureen Badejo is a cheap tale-bearer, even looking from her composure during her online GIOTV programmes indicate that she is just out there to score cheap points by dishing out propaganda; and there is a great danger if she is allowed to continue with her fake investigative journalism.

Checks through the contents of Maureen Badejo’s GIOTV platform, shows that she is a troublemaker that is determined to destroy the leaders and Christianity in Nigeria and beyond. She has in her team, an ilk of gangster agents of like-minds who calls directly on her fake online programme to testify to falsehood. Unarguably, she is no respecter of genuine men of God talk less of their anointing.

Finding revealed that over the years, she has been broadcasting false allegations against many men of God in Nigeria without evidence on the Facebook where she broadcast her warped type of “Investigative Journalism” basically to rubbish the good reputation of the most men of God from different churches in and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Capitalizing on her un-ending style of negative sentiments against the grandeur exhibited by a few of these men of God, Maureen Badejo and her cohort saves no effort to puke trash freely against revered Christian institutions and their leaderships; but recently she got the wrong victim in person of a reputable and respected clergy man, Dr. D.K Olukoya, who she has been accusing and blackmailing on her online GIOTV.

There have been various outright lies and make-believe stories through insinuations and series of falsehood on her GIOTV aired on Facebook to tarnish the image of the revered and anointed man of God, Dr. D.K Olukoya, who is a genuine prophet, evangelist, teacher and the preacher of the word of God worldwide.

However, the question many are basically asking is to know her mission and why she wants to pull down Dr. D.K Olukoya without any just cause?

On her pedestrian GIOTV programme, she has reeled out various accusations and unprintable utterances by her orchestrated callers that are very petty and cannot be substantiated with any known facts or records to show.

For starters, what’s the guilty of General Overseer that some church pastors in the MFM branches in the United Kingdom were praying fall down and die prayers against the wicked pastors and members that wants to destroy the body of Christ in the church?

Imagine, one of her callers also lamented that some pastors were fighting in the church toilet, without any prove. What has Dr. Olukoya got to do with that?

There is misinformation from Ms. Badejo the anchor on GIOTV and her fake callers who called in during her arranged programme that there were killings of people in the MFM Prayer City and their bodies were dumped in the canal by the Ojota Bridge in Lagos without any true evidence to substantiate their false allegations. Don’t forget in Nigeria, there are laws and the police’s duty is to protect the lives of the people and property. It would be unfair to admit that such killings would happen in a popular church like MFM and there was never a case or report of such matter to the Nigeria police force to take the necessary action against any pastor or the church in general.

The unrepentant blogger and her gang, also claimed that there is no holiness in the church and that witches and wizards are in-charge of key positions in the ministries and that they are now more powerful that Dr. D.K Olukoya. Can you believe that? When the church is known with abound testimonies to be a deliverance church from the captives of the wicked and witches.

“It’s possible for men of God to backslide or misbehave with their lifestyle in and outside the church but the General Overseer can only discipline or correct the person in question according to rules and laws governing the church. He cannot be everywhere to monitor the ordained pastors all over the world, as accused that he is part of the wrong doings by the pastors in the church branches all over the world”, disclosed a staunch member.

Information gathered revealed that Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) as a church has moved on to forgive her blackmails and false utterances on her online programme but wish to warn her according to the scripture- 1 Chronicles 16:22 “Do Not Touch My Anointed Ones, And Do My Prophets No Harm” except she wants to see the wrath of God.

“No doubt, the church really felt bad about the false allegations peddled on the internet by one Maureen Badejo and they are in prayers for God to forgive her and her cohorts for the blasphemy against the church and the God’s General, Pastor Daniel Olukoya, and hope if she can be truly be broken and also seek for the genuine forgiveness of the man of God” disclosed a devoted member of MFM.

It is not gain saying that Dr. D.K Olukoya is a respected man of God but just to keep the record straight from the misleading reports on GIOTV about the false atrocities alleged to be committed in MFM by the General Overseer.

To some quarters they may believe in the nonsense Maureen Badejo is mongering on her online GIOTV but we can’t blame them but the truth will always prevail. In fact, she displayed a lot of premeditated and incubated falsehood against the MFM General Overseer, in a manner that suggests a hatchet job, rather than ‘Investigative Journalism’. But as a church and the body of Christ, the Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries (MFM) is much concerned about the TRUTH and above all the fear of God and the respected doctrine and law guiding the reputable church known for holiness and deliverance of God’s people including the lost souls like the unrepentant Maureen Badejo.

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