Tourism suffer over €60m in 2017 due to rolling Brexit fears

Following Brexit vote a drop in the numbers of British tourists visiting the republic cost the hospitality industry more than €60 million in 2017 reflecting that areas could least it felt the maximum pain.
In 2016 the arrivals from Britain reached 3.9 million , this was recorded to be the highest before the crash as per the latest figures from the Tourism Ireland.
There was a subsequent drop in the value of Sterling as the tourist number fell to 2.7 million, in the first full year following the vote of Britain to leave the EU the average spend by Britsih visitors in 2016 was €309 per person. According to Tourism Ireland it resulted an estimated loss of over €60 million in 2017.
Outside the traditional ‘honey spots’ of Dublin, Cork, Kerry,Clare and Galway the figures were particularly bad for tourism interest.
In the above places the drop in visitors from Britain was more than compensated due to a rise in the visitor numbers from elsewhere  considering an increase in numbers of high-spending north Americans.

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